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Brand Re-Work

I was hired by Ben Lomond High School to eradicate 30 years of brand creep and develop a new brand style for the promotion of the new school learning community model for teaching. They wanted to gather and preserve all of the various historical logos and brand identities into one digital library with clear guidance as to the appropriate use of each within the schools materials.

I was also challenged to work with the AP Art class giving hands on workshop for the learning of brand development and management. The athletic program was looking to have a new fighting Scott to represent the school in a more energetic and vibrant way.

Print/Desktop Publishing

I created a digitally clean version of the marks and a style guide to support their use, while introducing new sub-brand to the new learning communities model the school would be teaching. This ultimately become five school sub-brands represented with variations on the school tartan.

A ten panel promotional brochure was then designed to promote this system to the incoming students and their parents as hand out material in the junior high schools and a direct mail campaigns.

Several large format posters were produced to promote the new look in the gym and halls as part of the new Scott's brand launch.

  • Historical Research
  • Logo Digitization/Clean Up
  • Brand Sheet/Learning Community Sub-Brands
  • Mascot Development
  • Promotional Brochure/Poster


Several AP Art students were selected to work with me in the project. I also presented to the entire AP Art class over the course of the project so they might gain some insite into the requirements for developing a solid brand along with the technical needs to create digital correct files for all types of brand reproduction.

A group of students submitted design ideas for the introduction of a new school athletic mascot. Their work was jurried by a group of administrators, teachers, and student body officers. I moderated the process and ultimately one of Ben Lomonds alumni was selected to create the new fighting Scot.