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It is my belief that good communication must be supported by the proper aesthetic. It is the goal of communication to make a meaningful human connection, to encourage action and thought, to share knowledge, to engage a learned response. As designers, we shape society in both positive and negative ways through the delivery of visual design. As social creatures, human beings have been evolving the art of communication from our very first moment on this planet. The core principles of visual communication, information architecture, and user interface design all speak to a core concept of the human connection.

To me, this connection can be impeded by language barriers and cultural differences but the visual language has the ability to transcend these types of boundaries becoming universal in its delivery. In the complex functions of information delivery the visual organization often is the deciding factor to the success of the intended communication goal. Joseph Kosuth once said, "that his art was not about the actual images used within its creation yet more about the relationships between them."

I believe this relationship to be at the very core of solid design.


"To control the aesthetic of the message... is to control the imagination of the consumer" 

~ Brock Porter