I was contracted by Seagull Publishing to design and paginate a 20 page coupon booklet. There were 50k of these printed and distributed throughout Weber county. The booklet contained 4 two side coupons per page and had full cvr, full back and anchor ads on inside rear cover. The first impression was in a quantity of 12k and had 16 pages. For more page were added and an additional 38k booklets were produced. I also design and built 48 two sided coupons for local business's. This included layout with logos, proofs, and corrections. I worked directly with Hudson Printing in preparing the final press ready pages for print.

Complete Publication: Click thumbs for full size pdf.

OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 01OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 05OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 06OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 07OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 09OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 07OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 08OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 09OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 10OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 11
Key features
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Booklet Layout/Design
  • Coupon Design
  • Prepress