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Commercial Real Estate Photography shot for PC Glass Inc website content.




Commercial Real Estate Photography shot for PC Glass Inc wesite content.

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Commercial Real Estate Photography Shot for PC Glass Inc as new website content.

Commercial Real Estate Photography shot for PC Glass Inc website content.

Commercial Real Estate Photography shot for web content.




Commercial Real Estate Photography shot for PC Glass website content.



Commercial Real Estate Photography shot to showcase the glass work done by PC Glass for their website.

Logo Design for a new line of beauty products produced using the minerals in the Great Salt Lake.

Brand | Print

We wanted to create an image that fit the mechanical nature the artist has while representing the actual arts, hands, and wheel involved in the process of fine art ceramics. 

Along with the brand package, we designed & printed business cards/product tags.

DA BCFrontWT  DA BCBackWT RareUrthLogoT RareUrthNamePlateT 

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design




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The Downtown Historic 25th Street Business Association website was a project designed, developed to allow the group to bring control of the content into their hands. A custom template was developed based on extensive market research. Joomla was selected as the platform and the site was developed under the direction of the association's executive team. The project included several key functions to support and promote the businesses in the downtown association. 

  • Multiple Slideshows
  • Advertising Component with tracking
  • Custom Brand Template
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Goole Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO
  • Staff Training
  • E-Commerce VirtueMart
  • Third Party Calendar Customized & Integration
I was contracted by Seagull Publishing to design and paginate a 20 page coupon booklet. There were 50k of these printed and distributed throughout Weber county. The booklet contained 4 two side coupons per page and had full cvr, full back and anchor ads on inside rear cover. The first impression was in a quantity of 12k and had 16 pages. For more page were added and an additional 38k booklets were produced. I also design and built 48 two sided coupons for local business's. This included layout with logos, proofs, and corrections. I worked directly with Hudson Printing in preparing the final press ready pages for print.

Complete Publication: Click thumbs for full size pdf.

OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 01OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 05OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 06OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 07OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 09OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 07OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 08OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 09OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 10OgdebCoupon20pgBookletFinalWEB Page 11
Key features
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Booklet Layout/Design
  • Coupon Design
  • Prepress


AFOPSuccess2012 cvr-1 AFOPSuccess2012 spread1

Books designed to promote achievement awards for the national AFOP organization featuring nominees and the winners in a booklet for sale to the public. Sales generated money to fund the program's efforts in education and training for its clients.

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Media Purchasing
  • Web & Direct Marketing 

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Local landscape company building a brand to sets themselves apart from the traditional landscaping service. 


SHLogCrafters 01w

Commercial Real Estate Photography - This Custom Log Ranch House was recently completed and photographed in Utah. Creative post processing was utilized to convey the rustic nature of the Log home style home. These images were created to support web promotions along with a potential print brochure.

Mountain Springs Dental website and staff training for social media and blog.

  •  Brand/Logo
  • Joomla 2.5 Website
  • Joomla Training
  • Print Flier
  • Banner
  • Screen Printing Table Cloth

Bridal Satin Gowns & Tux is a formal wear boutique in Roy, Utah. This project encompassed the development of a new brand updating the look and feel of the boutique to improve its presence in the community. After creating a new brand a complete brand disk was created containing a complete set of low & hi-res graphic images in all of their various file formats.

We took the current site and transferred hosting solutions, migrated SEO work and purchased a new domain for the new Bridal Satin Gowns& Tux Joomla project. The site was developed, staff trained, and the hosting server set-up. The site included a Rocket Theme based custom template with slideshow, google analytics, google mapping and complete facebook integration.

As part of this, a new Facebook business page was developed with a custom Bridal Satin Gowns & Tux timeline header as well as custom designed social avatars.

A redesign of their tradeshow presentation materials was also undertaken. This included web banners for the site, half sheet vertical fliers for the tradeshow, upright banner design and production along with a silk screened table cloth.

CC Construction specializes in turn key remodels, specialty roofing and general building maintenance.

David Candland handyman services campaign graphic.

Steven VanWagoner Mayoral Brand/Marketing

Brand created for Steven VanWagoner's run for Ogden City Mayor 2011. 

The brand was represented in:

  • Campaign Signs
  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mail Post Cards
  • WordPress Web Site
  • Email Campaign
  • Brand Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Signage
  • Wordpress Website Customization
  • Business Card Design
  • Print Media Purchasing

Second generation business cards were designed to include a directional map to the business location.

I built the Holy Family Catholic Church's new website to support the church in its efforts to act as a central point for communication, recruit new members and conduct fundraising. Their existing DNS was redirected to the new host account. The template was unique in the sense that it was based on the newly constructed church. I photographed the church inside and out in order to closely represent the building and environment. Upon completion the administrative staff was trained on the Joomla system, web mail server, and calendar so ongoing maintenance could be handled in-house.
  • Joomla 1.5 Template
  • Calendar Add-on
  • Web Mail Server
  • Splash Page
  • Custom Font Add-on
  • Office Staff Training
  • Additional Domain Purchase and Pointing

Something Borrowed LC was interested in increasing their online presence with extensive SEO work. In order to support this effort, a new Joomla 2.5 site was developed and implemented. This included advertising, Commenting, and facebook integration. This site also expanded their online form building feature into a broader system capable of handling booking as well as taking a deposit for the purpose of booking their services. We also utilized the Google Calendar system to show availability for their decor.

  • Logo
  • Joomla 2.5
  • Custom Template
  • Site Back-up
  • SEO Work
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Form to Mail Work
A contemporary brand was developed to appeal to high school aged kids. The program was developed to encourage students to stay in school and also help those on the verge of dropping out to find professional employment in the trades. Booklets were produced in both Spanish and English.
Brand Logo ReVamp, Business Card Set, 4/4 14pt UV C2S Laminated