Within the college there are five major schools, each participated in a variety of advertising efforts funded by their own budgets. These programatic ads ran in a variety of publications and venues. It was my department's responsibility to negotiate advertising contracts and production on behalf of these programs. We aslo produced the design work to deliver the desired message.

BillGriffiths CF_AdFile accreditation ad HillGuideAd
SeekWinter2005 CompositeAd2 SummerStandardAd
GiftAD custom fit_recognize O BusAD-copy
KellyEllsworth CabMake_AdFile nursing3x4ClassLG HomeandGarden ad
OWATCcolorballloonfestad MtOgdenDirectoryAD OWATC HAFB
OwatcAdvert OWATCAd gear OwatcAdECCLES
OWATC Northern_Utah_Magazine owatcCompositesclassad02 14_07 RoyDaysEighthPageAd
PHLEBOTOMYad9 27 05 RoyCampus AD chamberADcenter
WeberHighAD04 19 owatcChamberAD07 RaptorsAD 1
KobeHarris Machining_AdFile RoyHighAd CustomerServiceAD
morganAD3 OWATCstandardNeighborhoodAdLG GradGalAd


MathAd12 15_05


owatcASLclassad02 14_07 OWATClaprenzaAD  ConstructionTradesjobfairad