leap!I was responsible for the creation of the college mascot, "Randy Robo-Tech." Randy began his life as a virtual mascot to be used in a variety of marketing applications.

Randy Biggs and I came up with idea to have a contest within our 3D Animation program to select a team of 3D artists for the creation of a technology based mascot. Brady Dalton was selected as the winner, and we set out to create a character in 3D Studio Max for the purpose of giving the school's brand a face and personallity.

Brady Dalton was the student team leader under the multimedia instructor Rex Thornock on the virtual development. Brady was truly the creative force behind the animation segments under my art direction. I contributed the background animation bits and the voice over for the work.

"Randy Robo-Tech" was named in honor and memory of Randy Biggs. The virtual version was such a success that the following year I was tasked with creating a mascot suit that could be worn by a someone representing the college in parades, award ceremonies, and other public events.

I contracted Jennifer McGrew, a costume and set designer from Salt Lake City, for the Randy suit. The Automated Manufacturing Department built in the wireless electronic communication system and voice modulator for Randy.

These efforts played a large roll in me getting nominated and selected as the recipient for
the Ogden City Mayor's Award for the Arts in the Design Disclipine.

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