The OWATC operates with Board of Directors known as "The Foundation." They direct college planning and do private sector fundraising for the scholarship funds. Each year board books and annual reports were designed by my office. Here are samples:

FoundationAnnualCVRlg foundspr4LG foundspr3LGfoundspr2LG foundspr1LG 

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2001 Annual Report

Foundation_Annual_Report_2003_Page_01 F_Annual_2003_Page_2-3 F_Annual_2003_Page_4-5 F_Annual_2003_Page_6-7 F_Annual_2003_Page_8-9

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2003 Annual Report


Found02CVr Foundation4spr3 Foundation4spr4 Foundation4spr2

FounderDinnerfinal FoundationSheetFinal Page 1 FoundAnnuals2001web FoundAnnual2000 CVR