My Name is Brock Porter...

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Brock Porter and I am an award-winning creative problem solver with over thirty years experience in the Visual Communications Industry with a proven track record of success. I pride myself on being an innovative project leader for creative design efforts. I am comfortable providing leadership and organization of complex brand communication projects requiring creative expertise in multiple disciplines resulting in highly effective brand design solutions both on budget and deadline.

I meet the requirements of the Visual Communications Specialist by meeting the education and experience requirements. I am a U.S. citizen eligible for work in the United States. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts - Visual Communications with emphasis on design and have over 30 years of direct experience in the successful creation and management of visual communications projects in all current media channels including brand, print, web, advertising, and social media.

My experience in creative project management makes me uniquely suited to manage multiple creative projects, create timelines while simultaneously producing work in an agile deadline oriented work environment. I bring content development, creative direction, graphic design, photography, technical expertise in both web and print production to all creative projects I work on. I Leverage strong organizational skills for my team, administrative and digital resources to provide customers successful project completion.


My Work History...

Ubangi Ink Design Studio –
Freelance Brand Management & Web Consulting

03/12/94 – present | 465 East 3650 North, North Ogden, Utah 84414
Owner, Principal Creative, Web Consultant

Ubangi Ink Design Studios is a full-service freelance brand management agency providing outstanding business communication support in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design / Brand Management & Strategic Consulting
  • Web Design, Web Development & Web Consulting
  • Print / Publication Development / Media Purchasing

I specialize in content management system (CMS) website development, consulting, customization and training. Utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL along with other programming languages in the creation and development of websites for my clients. I extensively use programs such as Adobe Creative Suite; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver in the process of designing creative projects.

Brock Porter Fine Art Photography
& Archival Print Making

05/03/06 – present | 465 East 3650 North, North Ogden, Utah 84414
Owner, Photographer

I provide Fine Art Photography, Corporate Photography, Real Estate Photography, Custom Portrait Photography and Event Photography using the latest DSLR Camera Technology and lighting equipment to my clients.

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College – OWATC

16/05/99 – 23/11/07 | 200 North Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84404
Visual Communications Coordinator, Webmaster

As the Visual Communications Coordinator / Webmaster for the college, I managed all marketing communications needs for over 60 college programs organized into five schools. My team consisted of two-six full and part-time employees. I collaborated with internal project teams / resources, external contract resources, and senior level students seeking on the job training in the visual design, and web programming fields. I worked in tandem with a Marketing / Public Relations Team under the direction of the Vice President of Student Services. Our overall department mission was student recruitment and retention while maintaining academic excellence within the community. I participated in the transition of the OWATC from the status of a vocational training facility to a fully accredited two-year college. Moving from the technical / vocational educational environment to the Higher Education (Board of Regents,) becoming the largest campus in the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) system and statistically the largest college in the State of Utah. My responsibilities included:

  • Website Development, Maintenance & Training
  • Brand Management / Brand Planning / Mascot Management
  • Marketing Materials Fulfillment / Digital Asset Management
  • Annual Academic Catalog / Course Offerings / College Viewbook
  • College & Foundation Annual Report Design / Production / Delivery
  • Brochure Design / Production / Delivery
  • Direct Mail Campaign Design / Production / Delivery
  • Advertising Campaign DesignOutdoor – Indoor Signage / Electronic Marquee / Touch Screen Kiosk
  • Event Management Planning & Support
  • Campus Photography
  • Media Purchasing / State Contract Negotiation
  • State Budget Management & Reporting
  • Focus Group Market Research / Usability Testing
  • Campaign ROI Tracking & Reporting
  • Editorial Staff Development & Training / College Brand Style Guide

Weber State University – WSU
02/09/88 – 28/05/99 | 3750 Harrison Blvd., So. Ogden, Utah 84408
While attending WSU I worked as a student in many departments and on multiple projects in the process of gaining my degree. Here is a list the following positions and projects I worked on.

  • 02/03/98-28/05/99, Dept. of Physics, Graphic Artist
  • 09/11/98-19/02/99, The Dept. of Communication, Designer
  • 01/09/98-18/12/98, The Dept. of Visual Arts, Graphic Artist
  • 09/03/98-29/05/98, The College of Arts & Humanities, Web Designer/Trainer
  • 03/98, Metaphor, Publication Designer, Cover Artist
  • 02/06/96-05/97, The Signpost, Design Editor
  • 04/09/88-30/06/89, The Signpost, Asst. Production Manager, Asst. Photo Editor

{slider=Ogden Publishing Corporation, 02/03/92 – 16/06/95}

Ogden Publishing Corporation – The Standard-Examiner
02/03/92 – 16/06/95 | 455 23rd St, Ogden, Utah 84401
Ad Compositor, Composing Artist, Editorial Graphics Artist

Meridian Publishing Inc.
05/08/91 – 17/02/92 | 1720 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84404
Layout Artist

Stained Glass Overlay of Northern Utah - S.G.O.
03/10/90 – 30/8/91 | 2335 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84401
Production Manager – Stain Glass Designer

Rich Jones Screen Printing & Sign
06/03/89 – 25/06/93 | 301 28th St., Ogden, Utah 84401
Sign Shop Production Manager, Separation Artist, Screen Printer

Art Ltd./ Advertising Mall/SignRunner Inc.
15/03/89 to 25/06/90 | 2023 Wall Ave., Ogden, Utah 84401
Production Manager, Graphic Artist, Sign Installation

The Signpost/ Weber State College
04/09/88 – 30/06/89 | 3750 Harrison Blvd., So. Ogden, Utah 84408
Asst. Production Manager, Asst. Photo Editor

Auto Directory
06/03/85 – 29/10/86 | 2755 Washington Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84401
Assistant Production Manager, Advertising Artist, Layout Artist

Sun Graphics
05/11/84 – 01/03/85 | 221 21st St., Ogden, Utah 84401
Graphic Artist, Mechanical Separation Artist

Junction City News
14/02/84 – 26/03/85 | 110 25th St., Ogden, Utah 84401
Layout Artist, Staff Photographer, Graphic Artist

My Awards...

OWATC Presidents Awards Recipient: "Presidents Award" 
(2006) Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College – Ogden, Utah

OWATC Hispanic Heritage Award Recipient: "In recognition of creating the Hispanic Heritage Brand"
(2005) Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College – Ogden, Utah

Ogden City Mayors Awards for the Arts, Recipient: "Mayors Awards for the Arts, Awarded for Design"
(2003) Ogden City Corp. – Ogden, Utah

Utah Arts Council Show Mixed Media & Works on Paper 98' Recipient: "Utah State Traveling Exhibitor Award"
(1998) Union Station – Salt Lake City, Utah

Weber State University Student Work Exhibit Recipient: "Deans Collection, Purchase Award"
(1998) Weber State University – Ogden, Utah

Weber State University Student Scholarship Show Recipient: "Elizabeth Brown Dee Scholarship Award"
(1997) Weber State University – Ogden, Utah

Weber State University Student Scholarship Show Recipient: "Trustcott Foundation Scholarship Award"
(1996) Weber State University – Ogden, Utah